上野学園大学でファシリテーター養成講座 | Faciliatator training workshops at Ueno Gakuen

We recently announced our summer series of facilitator training workshops at Ueno Gakuen (Tokyo). We have run these for a number of years, and at many different venues, however this year we have had a change of direction. The course is much longer, has greater depth, and will involve two guest speakers.

I have been running workshops in Japan for 15 years, but it is only within the last 18 IMG_4424months that I have started to detect a real change in the way that arts education programmes are delivered. In 2012 there were a number of significant initiatives that came together and provoked a reexamination into the methodologies of workshop and facilitation practice.

As a result, I sense that we needed to take a different approach to training. It has always been my intention that the work in which I was involved should be responsive to the local conditions and cultures, and ultimately involve practitioners who knew the environment 6185176148_672b63a0a6_bwell. When I worked in South Africa this was the principle that lay behind the Creative Voices project, the schools programme which ran for 12 years in the townships outside Johannesburg.

There is now in Japan an evolving body of practitioner knowledge which means that ideas imported from elsewhere, still a valuable addition, should now take more account about the territory in which they are to be applied.

The conversations which take place between practioners are also becoming more informed, drawing on a much wider breadth of knowledge which can move almost seamlessly across cultures and art forms.

For this training series we have invited two quite different specialist practitioners to give seminars. Satsuki Yoshino studied in the UK, but has returned to Japan to develop her own systems and methodologies for working with people who face both physical and mental challenges. Professor Toshibumi Kariyado is a former elementary school teacher who brought his expertise to bear on a research project exploring the background, development and implementation of workshops. His Workshop Designer programme is now in much demand.

講座は、いくつかのモジュールに分かれています。詳細はFacebookページ「コミュニケーション:音楽と文化 – Communication: Music and Culture」でご紹介します。質問もお待ちしております。
There will be a number of modules to this course and I will go into more details on my Facebook page ‘Communication: Music and Culture’ which will allow you to ask further questions.

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