Our work in Japan started around 14 years ago with a project in Kitara Hall, Sapporo. It was then based around the residency of the London Symphony Orchestras at the Pacific Music Festival.


Soon after, we were invited to become involved with Japanese Symphony orchestras, and since then a special community developed around the project consisting of many warm-hearted and generous spirited friends.


It seems only fair to mention some of them here as it is in no small part the result of their efforts that this project has been introduced across Japan.

Kuma Harada, Naomoto Okayama, Shuhei Deguchi

Hisayo Togashi
Junko Mogi
Mutsumu Inami
Akiko Shida
Maki Nagura
Mari Suzuki

Association of Japanese Symphony Orchestras

Many professional orchestras and performance venues around Japan


クマ 原田、岡山 尚幹、出口 修平

富樫 尚代
伊波 睦美
茂木 淳子
志田 明子
名倉 真紀
鈴木 眞里

We must also pay tribute to one very special supporter, Her Royal Highness the Empress Michiko. Her Majesty’s participation in an important large scale education concert at the Kioi Hall in Yotsuya proved to be a significant moment in the project’s history. It has also been a delight to share in chamber music sessions at the Royal Palace.


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